Gay Marriages Discussed

You have definitely seen them holding hands. Sometimes, you may even see them kissing in public. You actually think nothing of it. Have you not heard people say things similar to “It’s all right with me as long as they aren’t hurting anybody .” For some, gay and lesbian public displays of love and affection are tolerable. There are others who believe that homosexuals should enjoy the same human rights as their straight counterparts. Some people however are very passionate when stating that homosexuals should truly have equal rights given to them.

However, some of these people will be speechless if you they were asked if homosexuals should be given the right to marry too. They may even answer that gay people shouldn’t be married to members of the opposite sex. Actually, more than 1/2 of the population of the US are not in favor of gay marriage despite the fact that almost 3/4 of their population supports gay rights.

Why is this the case? How can one support gay rights and totally oppose gay marriage at the same time? Probably, stereotyping plays a big role in this predicament. It is not unusual for gay people be stereotyped as being promiscuous. Some gay people appear to be too loud. One can’t help notice them in the society. Some people believe that homosexuals cannot handle relationships well. It is believed that the relationships, which homosexuals get involved in do not last long. Furthermore, some even think that such relationships are nothing serious.

It is true that some gay relationships do not last that long. However, don’t straight people engage in such relationships too? Besides, homosexuals only engage in shallow commitments during the early years of their lives. As soon as these people hit the marrying age, all they want is to find someone they can take care of and who will care for them in return. Some gay people who are already of age even complain that they can’t find members of the same sex that they can “bring home to the parents” because most of the good fish are already taken.

One must note that even homosexuals are capable of devotion, monogamy, and loyalty. You can even see gay people taking active participation in programs spearheaded by the neighborhood. Also, some homosexuals perform excellently in their field of work.

Some of you may be surprised to know that there are some benefits that will come as a result of gay marriages. What might the benefit of gay marriages be? Well, the occurrence of sexually transmitted illnesses will be minimized since the homosexuals are committed in marriage already. They will only have one sexual partner when they stick to their marriage vows. One must agree that having this benefit from gay marriages is a gift to mankind.

People are entitled to different opinions. Unfortunately, some people think that gay relationships are just about the sex. The case isn’t like this. Affection, love, and mutual attraction are the three things that homosexuals look for in a relationship. These three things are to be taken seriously. Sex is just a way to express one’s feelings for his/her partner. Definitely, it’s the same thing with heterosexuals, right?

Another reason why gay marriages encounter oppositions is that marriage, as some say, is for procreation. How can people of the same sex produce an offspring? If this is the case, should barren people be refused marriage too? This argument is surely not enough reason to stop gay people from marrying each other. Having offsprings is just one of the reasons why people get married. The most important thing is that people wishing to get married are in love and committed to each other.

Let’s say that gay couples adopt a child of their own. Some people think that gay people are not responsible enough to raise a child. Some would even say that having parents of the same sex will be unhealthy for the kid. How come pedophiles are allowed to marry and have children? They are more dangerous for the children, aren’t they? Even murderers have their own families. Why can’t gay people create their own family? Besides, it is a fact that children of gay couples are as healthy as children raised by heterosexual couples. Therefore, gay marriage could be granted if the children’s welfare and health is the issue here. Homosexuals, like heterosexuals, are just as able to provide for the needs of a child.

Also, the idea of two people of the same gender having sex is distasteful. Says who? You might be surprised to hear that some homosexuals think that sex between heterosexuals is hideous too! However, do the homosexuals say that heterosexuals should not be married? They don’t, do they?

Next, it is believed that a gay marriage will force the Church to wed couples that they have no intention of uniting in marriage. How can gay marriages force the Church? Besides, the Church can already refuse marriage to those they don’t want to wed. Some Churches can refuse marriage between couples of different religions, huge age gaps, etc. Therefore, gay marriages will not, in any way, force the Church to unite homosexual couples in marriage.

Furthermore, some believe that sex between homosexuals is quite unnatural. Surprise oh surprise! A belief in this thought will prove that a person is ignorant of the varying behavior of animals. It is a fact that homosexuality is found in a minimum of 450 species of the animal kingdom. Some animals even spurn potential heterosexual companions. Obviously, humans are not the only ones faced with the dilemma of homosexuality.

Gay marriage is something that must be given plenty of thought before one agrees or disagrees with this union. Remember that homosexuals are still human beings — capable of loving, sharing, commitment, and devotion. It is not unusual for them to request for marriage. After all, marriage is about trust, love, and companionship — something that gay people are searching for.