Coloring Pasta

Maria being a passionate organic type of person, would purchase humongous quantities of spinach fresh from the open door markets and boil it, occasionally adding more water.
She did this until the volume was substantially reduced and the water became deep green.
The spinach was then put in a covered frying pan to cook slowly at a low flame and for a long time with lots of garlic, a pinch of salt and some olive oil. When the spinach became stringy and the garlic golden, the spinach was ready to accompany meat.
The spinach was extremely good but Maria probably also destroyed all nutrients from it.

Did She?

Flash 2_web
Flash, a passionate connoisseur of pasta!

Maria then used the green water left behind from boiling the spinach and with a pinch of salt used it to boil the spaghetti.
The cooked spaghetti turned out green. She would then dress them with tomato sauce and sprinkle them with Parmigiano Reggiano.
She was a very patriotic gal and liked her display of pasta to symbolize the Tricolore.

• Her friend Chiara used beets as a great source to coloring the pasta reddish/pink.
• Silvia the friendly neighbor on the other hand, liked black pasta, and so she made her Pasta Nera by pouring squid or at times cuttlefish ink in the water.
Silvia would tell us that “Pasta Nera will be blacker with more ink in the water and it is best served with shellfish.”

Cheeze Moon

Ingredients: for 1 personIMG_2258_A_use_web
• In a frying pan place butter or oil as desired
• Pour 21 spoonfuls of egg whites
• Sprinkle Parmigiano Reggiano
• Sprinkle desired amount of crushed Cheez-Its
• Sprinkle desired amount of pepper
• Cook until the egg whites turn yellowish/brown on the edges
• Serve with chef’s approval parsley
• Place a couple of Cheez-Its as a focal point

IMG_2261_use_webThis dish can be a bit salty.
Less crumbs of Cheeze-Its will make it less salty and
make the lunar craters in the egg whites more visible.
Serve with desired type of red wine.

Green Apples Cobbler

In a bowl add ingredients in desired amounts:
• Cut up green apples
This cobbler has 3 apples.
• Squeeze lemons
• Grate lemons or shave lemons
• Sprinkle craisins or raisins
• Sprinkle crushed walnuts
• Sprinkle brown sugar
• Sprinkle cinnamon
• Sprinkle oats
• Add a little water

Apple Cobbler_2268_use_web

Stir well and then place in an oven safe
glass baking dish such as Pyrex.
Preheat oven for 375, then bake cobbler for about 40 minutes.
When cooled off, place in refrigerator.

Very good served hot.
Even better served cold the next day out of the refrigerator after all ingredients had a chance to mingle and talk to each other over night.

Concrete Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mix concrete as outlined on the bag and make some cookie droppings on wax paper.
While wet, embed dark chocolate chips.
As an option, when the cookies are dry, chocolate chips can
be painted on them.
Chips can also be of small brown rocks, marbles, etc.
This is a non caloric snack for a rigorous diet.


Serve the cookies dry with an optional glass of milk.

What Color Eggs Will That Chicken Lay?

uova_color_webGenerally if the chicken has whitish earlobes, that chicken will lay white eggs.
If the chicken has reddish earlobes, that chicken will lay brown eggs, as well as blue or green.
The color of the shell is due to pigmentation resulted during the natural process of the egg’s composition while in the tube (oviduct) through which it passes from the ovary.

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