India Ink Refill

The Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball writing instrument available in different ball sizes, can be refilled with water proof India ink and with no mess.
ink-pen_0189_use_webUse it to write in distinguishable jet black ink or use it to
• Pliers
• India ink
• The pen

How to do it:
• With the pliers grab the nib as close as possible to the barrel.
• A gentle twisting and pulling action will remove the nib and the inner core which are attached.
• It will leave the barrel ready to be filled with ink.
• Wash away with water the ink that came with the pen.
• Use the eye dropper to fill with ink.
• Return the nib and core back to the barrel.
• Wipe nib with a small piece of paper towel.
• Done!

Create this India ink pen in about 10 minutes or so.

• These pens have proven not to clog easily but if abandoned
for a long time clogging may occur.
Next time you buy India ink, try Pelikan Fount India which
does not contain the shellac that causes the clogging.
• Red pen and black ink?

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