Cabinet Pulls And Knobs

plumbwashers_2473_use_MS_webIn some cases, rubber plumbing washers can enhance cabinet pulls and knobs by providing better bearing on the cabinet, provide more finger space, dramatically reduce scratches due to finger nails and add a splash of color.
When used one cannot tell they are plumbing washers.

plumb washers_2010use_webplumb washers_2512 use_web

Most of the plumbing washers are black but salmon, baby blue and reddish are easily found.
The washers can be flat or beveled, come in different sizes and some of them will easily buff to a luster with a small rag.plumb washers 011 use_web plumb washers 025_A-use_web
Using these washers will require a longer screw to make up for the added depth.plumb washers_0086a use_webplumb washers_0067 use_web
They can be used singly or as a stack of multiple sizes for a pyramidal effect.

Electrical Tip:
These rubber plumbing washers can also be extensively beneficial when used to bring forward a light switch or a plug in the wall so that they can be as flush as possible to the wall surface to receive the decorative plate.
This problem usually happens when the existing wall gets a “new face” and a new thickness added onto it, thus leaving the electrical boxes further back.
Replace the screws on the outlet with longer ones and impale the washers as needed.
It works!

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