The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

To put it succinctly; there is an island out there on the Pacific Ocean somewhere between California and Hawaii. It is not an island to take a vacation on, nor one to honeymoon in.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Map_webIt is a floating island of garbage consisting mainly of plastic and it is known as Garbage Island. The island is also known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The currents of the Pacific at this point come to a gyre and trap the garbage accumulated in their journey making an island that is about two times the size of Texas.
Professionals have been trying to fix this mess but the island is not easy to clean since ecosystems have adapted, have flourished and have become part of the ocean food chain. Sadly enough, Garbage Island is not the only island of this type floating in the oceans; it’s just the biggest, and in fact the Atlantic and Indian Oceans also have trash vortexes of their own.

In this crowded world we need to conserve, recycle and not litter in respect to all unborn creatures, human or non, Great Pacific Garbage Patch_focawho in order to survive will eventually have to deal with the consequences caused by those of us who are ignorant or unconcerned.

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